Combined Insurance

Brand Refresh
Product Brochure (8-page)

Combined Insurance is a leading provider of supplemental Accident, Disability, Health and Life insurance. They want to make it easy for people to get the supplemental insurance they need.

When they embarked on a brand refresh the goal was simple: make their marketing materials reflect their mission to make things easier. The design overhaul made sense of a lot of elements that needed to work together to grab attention instantly and make messaging easier to digest. It was a MASSIVE project, but the final system created a contemporary, friendly and clear design platform they could implement globally.

Graphic System

We created this one pager—a cheat sheet of sorts—listing directives and guidelines for correctly implementing the system and graphic elements. 

Graphic Elements

The Chevron (always formatted in green and remaining in the same proportion (reflection) as that of the Carrot) is used as a directive device housing and/or pointing towards pertinent information.   
Similar to the Chevron, the Carrot ticker also points towards first-tier information by sliding vertically up and down within a layout and always being placed above a full-bleed image or solid fill.  
Standard and stacked versions for the United States shown above. 
These graphics (seen here as standard Product Buttons) represent Health, Accident, Disability, and Life products.

Design Samples

(not to scale)

Printed two-color using black + 1 PMS color

Disability product, double-sided Worksheet (front and back shown).


Life product two-sided postcard.


Accident product, double-sided Flyers (front and back shown)

Examples utilize 2/3 to 1/3 photography/content ratio (above) and 1/4 to 3/4 header/content ratio (below) on the front.


Front cover, inside with Business Card holder (die-cut) and back cover shown


8-page product Brochures 

Front covers (above) for Health, Accident, Disability and Life products (l to r). 

Disability product brochure (example shown) utilizes 2/3 to 1/3 photography ratio on cover and 1/3 to 2/3 photography ratio guts.


Style Guide

This 84-page Style Guide (including 40+ pages of design samples) is a clear, easy-to-use resource informing employees and business partners on how to use and apply the Combined Insurance Brand. The correct decisions—in behaviors, images, fonts, logos, and colors—help present the Brand in the most favorable way possible and serves as a guide to make those decisions easy.

Presenting a clear, consistent message helps customers better understand what a Brand does and ensures a unified and compelling message.