Bolster USA

DIgital Advertising and Leave Behind Brochure

Bolster delivers a streamlined and transparent renovation process, couples it with a new ability to quantify the risks each homeowner is exposed to, and enables it to offer a fair price and guarantee no cost overruns without the need for an insurer.

Bringing radical transparency to renovation.

 type:set created and delivered a new digital ad campaign to “bolster” their presence in the New York renovation market and followed up with a slick leave-behind marketing piece in the form of a square brochure.


Pixel dimensions: 728×90 (top), 300×600 (left) and 300×250 (right)

Brick Underground ad takeover (below – with ads highlighted).


Sometimes it helps to see what clients DON’T go with…

In the end, Bolster landed on a bold graphic approach to their campaign—using punches of blue as overlays to make their advertising pop—and we couldn’t be happier with their selection. But there is something to be said about the beauty of these airy designs they rejected. The use of white in the layouts highlighted the tagline and would have made the ads nestle in the site in a sophisticated and almost three-dimensional way.  


4-page, 4-color leave behind marketing brochure.