ATE the Game

Logo (refinement), Game Packaging, Kickstarter Graphics and Promos

A brain-twisting, word-guessing, role-playing card game that is guaranteed to amp up game nights with friends or strangers!

Perfect for everyone ages 12 & up, Ate the Game is a combination of word-guessing fun and role-playing silliness. Players want their team to guess as many Ate Cards as possible over the course of the game. But there’s a catch– the Mandate cards make clue-giving more challenging and way more ridiculous.

Logo, Color Palette, Patterns and Type Treatments

“Who’s your target audience?” asked type:set. “Trendy Hipsters that shop at boutique stores and have an appreciation for design.” So began a design exploration that landed on retro typography supported with a vibrant palette and graphic elements such as patterns, housing elements and bursts. We wanted people to stop and contemplate the game — for it to separate from its competition. “This is a cool box!” we hoped would be their reaction. We’re confident we did just that.

bursts, housing elements and the dashed framing rule 
color palette (CMYK breakouts shown)
starburst, dot and chevron patterns

Box, Cards and Rules Sheet

Game box top (above left), bottom (above right) and side (below)
Mandate and Ate playing cards (above) and Rules Sheet (below)

Spot Illustrations and Graphics, Sticker, 60-Second Timer and Score Pad

The client knew Kickstarter would be utilized for the first round of production from the get go, but what they didn’t know was how to make their project stand out in a sea of great ideas. type:set created spot illustrations to help backers understand game play and designed promos to be handed out at various donation levels as thank yous for their support. We must have gotten something right because Ate the Game reached it’s fundraising goal and was even featured as a Kickstarter favorite project!

A Sticker, 60-second Timer and Score Pad were distributed as pledge promos

Graphics added visual interest to the Kickstarter page, like the game play illustration (above) and pledge level lock-ups (below)