TANIA CORONADO | Lead Creative

Be it a layout, a website, a brochure or e-vite, every design project (or more accurately, design puzzle) starts with the same fundamental problem solving and creative thinking—puzzles are no match for me.

type:set has more to offer than a strong design sensibility

Having an understanding of the production process (be it print or on a digital platform) makes for better design and gives me the greatest control over the quality of the finished product.

• advertising (digital and print campaigns)
• annual reports
• apps, websites, UI
• corporate branding, identity & style guides
• event materials
• e-vites
• flyers and postcards
• editorial
• point of purchase displays
• posters
• stationery
• photography color correcting and retouching
• color and font management
• layout and typography refining
• application of required creep and/or trim
• digital and hard copy submissions
• press checks and proof approvals
Designing is the fun part and what we creatives wake up for in the morning. But design is a puzzle, the first piece of which is a client’s budget and time frame. Next comes the questions:

What is your message?
Who is your audience?
What sort of stock do you like?
Does sound or animation make sense here?
You hate the color orange? Really? Ok.

Eventually, a solution reveals itself and only then are colors, photos, media, illustrations or fonts selected.


The production process is a complicated one, and anyone that tells you otherwise should be given a sideways glare. Preparing files for production is a time consuming, technical and yet pivotal process in assuring the highest quality product. The “cleaner” and more well prepared the files when released, the better chance you have of avoiding all sorts of technical hiccups when on press. What does “clean and well prepared” mean? In a sentence: preparing all client approved files to job and vendor specifications including color correcting and retouching of all images, color and font management, application of any required creep and/or trim and reviewing all vendor proofs.

“I just went on the website again… LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!”

President & Co-Founder

With 20+ years experience, type:set is available for consultation and lead creative services on a per project basis.
Full-time freelance commitments will be considered based on availability and project scope.