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LEAF Vodka

Branding and Marketing

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Vodka is America’s favorite spirit, but with the category as saturated as it is is, how do you set apart a new product in a sea of competitors? You start with compelling messaging and then couple it with a design aesthetic that drives it home: minimal, clean, award-winning and beautiful.

LEAF Vodka focused on educating consumers about the importance of water to the vodka distilling process. From this need, an advertising campaign was born: “better water makes better vodka.”


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Utilizing different water sources to create two individual and unique flavor profiles, LEAF Vodka’s Rocky Mountain Mineral Water  is distinctly more savory than it’s Alaskan Glacial Water counterpart. As a result, we challenged consumer’s to “taste the difference water can make” for themselves, and in doing so, drove the consumer successfully to both product skus.

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