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Be it a layout, a website, a brochure or e-vite—every design project (or more accurately, design puzzle) starts with the same fundamental problem solving. type:set may be a small shop, but creative thinking and puzzles are no match for us. We can handle anything you throw at us and our intimate size means you’ll get the attention you deserve.

Give type:set a shot, we’ll do our best to surprise you.


type:set has more to offer than a strong design sensibility. Having an understanding of the production process, be it print or on a digital platform, makes for better design and gives us greater control over the quality of the finished product.



• advertising
• annual reports
• apps
• banner ads
• corporate branding & identity
• corporate style guides
• event materials
• e-vites
• flyers
• magazines
• point of purchase displays
• postcards
• posters
• stationery
• websites / UI


• color correcting
• photo retouching
• color and font management
• layout / typography refining
• application of required creep / trim
• digital and hard copy submissions
• press checks and proof approvals

the process


Designing is the fun part and what we creatives wake up for in the morning. Designing is a puzzle, the first piece of which is a client’s budget and time frame. Next comes the questions:

What is your message?
Who is your audience?
How many do you need?
What sort of stock do you like?
Should it fold or be die-cut?
Does sound or animation make sense here?
You hate the color orange? Really? Ok.

Eventually, a solution begins to appear and only then are colors, photos, media, illustrations or fonts selected.


The printing process is a complicated one, and anyone that tells you differently should be given a side ways glare. Because of this, preparing files for release becomes a time consuming, technical and yet pivotal process in assuring the highest quality finished product. The cleaner and more well prepared the files are when released, the better chance you have of avoiding all sorts of technical hic-ups once on press. What does “clean and well prepared” mean? In a sentence: preparing all client approved files for commercial production based on job and vendor specifications including color correcting and retouching of all images, color and font management, application of any required creep and/or trim, collecting of all files including layouts, fonts and linked artwork and then reviewing all vendor proofs.


The type:set team is available for consultation and lead creative services on a per project basis. Full-time freelance commitments will be considered based on availability and project scope.

Lead Creative
ATE the Game
2017 – 

Capital Campaign Masters
2017 – 

Capital Campaign Toolkit
2017 – 

Clever Goats Media
2012 – 2014


Senior Designer
HarperCollins Children’s Books

Gothamist National Media

Nothing Forgotten Inc.
2014 – 2016

Starfish Integrated Brand Experiences
2012 – 2016

Hachette Book Group
2012 – 2013

Disney Publishing Worldwide
2010 – 2012

The Blank Page, Inc.
2005 – 2010


Production & Pre-flight Coordinator
The Blank Page, Inc.
2005 – 2010

Graphic Designer
The Blank Page, Inc.
2003 – 2005

Beacon Project
2003 – 2004

Junior Designer
The Blank Page, Inc.
2002 – 2003

The Blank Page, Inc.
2001 – 2002

Patagonia, Inc.